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DVD player
product logo DVD Pro Blu-Ray Media Player

High-quality video player that supports various formats including VCD, DVD, and Blu-ray format videos.

PDF reader
product logo Expert PDF Editor

Help you read, annotate, sign, and edit PDF files with ease.

product logo Heic2JPEG - HEIC to PNG & HEIC Converter

Convert HEIC photos to JPEG locally, quickly and safely, without requiring an internet connection.

product logo HD Tubemeta Video Downloader

Download youtube videos with one click

product logo Screen Recorder - Video recordings & record it

This software supports full screen, region, and window recording, allows adding cameras, and enables the selection of video quality and frame rate (30 or 60 FPS).


About Our Team

Our team has been established for 10 years, dedicated to internet software development work, aiming to provide customers with more convenient and efficient life and work experiences. Through communication and feedback with our customers, we continue to grow and strive to improve our development capabilities and service quality. Currently, we have successfully completed more than 20 application development projects, and we will continue to develop more and better software to meet our customers' needs.

About our technology

Our team has accumulated rich technical experience during the past 10 years of technology development, and has extensive coverage in various technology fields. Our technical engineers focus on honing skills, innovation, and breakthroughs to provide better technical products and services. We can provide customers with high-quality technical solutions in various areas such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

About our service

We provide the most accurate and comprehensive technical services for you. In terms of security, we offer the latest network security services to prevent customers from being attacked online. We value clients' privacy and strictly comply with privacy policies, collecting no personal information related to clients. Regarding sales and refunds, we do not force clients to make purchases or watch ads. We offer a free refund within one week to guarantee the best purchasing experience for our clients.

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