Expert PDF Editor
Master your PDFs with Expert Power

Get more done in less time with our powerful, yet easy-to-use PDF tool. Read, annotate, sign, and edit with ease. Streamline your life and work today!
Features Learn more details about Expert PDF Editor, more powerful features to improve the efficiency of life and work.

Multifunctional reading mode

Supports horizontal or vertical scrolling, single page or continuous scrolling, offering text search, zoom, shrink, and presentation.

Powerful PDF editing features

Comments add, delete, change, highlight, underline, strikethrough and other functions.

PDF annotation

PDF files to add text annotations, text boxes, freehand drawing functions.


Fills out and signs PDF forms

Bookmarks & View

Supports opening embedded PDF files and thumbnails.Adds bookmarks on specific pages or chapters of the PDF.

Fast software operation

12M software size to ensure normal and stable operation in low configuration devices

User Reviews

Everything expected from a PDF reader

mandah weeks

If you ever need to save a letter or transfer a copy of a document this PDF Reader is the best app. I’ve used the app for over 4 yrs now. It’s the best app I’ve found for me.

C T Sanders

Reliable for my personal small business. I am an small business and I am great full to use it.


I was happy with the experience with this app. It does take a little bit to get used to them but they have tutorials that are done very well.


I just started using this App and past my expectations 1000%! It does everything as described and more!

AJ Macri

I will encourage everyone to download pdf converter apps and i will much recommended to everyone, friends and other to get a copy of the apps.


Easy to use, quick and efficient. Everything you want it to be and then some.


Great app has helped me multiple times this year “Thankyou”.


I’m new to this app, but it’s pretty intuitive. Every time I’ve used it, I’ve gotten the pdf I wanted. Yay!!!!