Recorder It!
Screen Recorder - Video recordings

This software supports full screen, region, and window recording, allows adding cameras, and enables the selection of video quality and frame rate (30 or 60 FPS).

Full screen recording

Record the entire screen

Region recording

Ability to select specific areas for recording, making work easier

Window recording

Recording of specific windows, an essential tool in live streaming and teaching

Cameras can be added

You can add a camera during the recording process

Multiple video quality and frame rate options

Tailor-made services for different people and different needs

No watermark! No ads!

You will not be bothered with ads and watermarks, enjoy your service

User Reviews

This is a very easy app to use. Love the simplicity and ease of the features of the app.


No words other than amazing

Time I’d

100/10 app it’s amazing I love this out of all the other screen recording apps, easy to use, fast, great quality.


Helps a lot with YouTube channels


I can’t believe how fast the video goes 🥰🥰

fly skyler

I have my own YouTube channel and like it’s I don’t know how to like record on like you’re our device but like if you get this app it’s like it has no ads it’s hot it’s just amazing I love it it’s so good if you get it I am like I don’t recommend any other app.


5 stars it works like a charm I think every YouTuber should use it!!!


So I do YouTube videos and for them i us this so i recommend this app it’s one of my favorite ones that I have!!!!!! 100 out of 100!!!


Easy to use, does what I need it to.